24 Awesome Muffin Tin Recipes

See all the recipes on recipebyphoto.com or check them one by one:

Meatloaf Cupcakes – recipebyphoto.com/meatloaf-cupcakes/

Mini Chicken Pot Pies – recipebyphoto.com/mini-chicken-pot-pies/

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas – recipebyphoto.com/mini-tortilla-crust-pizzas/

Ham & Egg Cups – recipebyphoto.com/breakfast-ham-cups/

Hash Brown Bites – recipebyphoto.com/parmesan-hash-brown-cups/

Buttermilk Pull-Apart Biscuits – recipebyphoto.com/buttermilk-biscuit-fantails/

Mini Corn Dog Muffins – recipebyphoto.com/mini-corn-dog-muffins/

Mini Apple Pies – recipebyphoto.com/mini-apple-pies/

Bacon Bowls – http://www.recipebyphoto.com/bacon-bowls/

Sloppy Joe Cups – recipebyphoto.com/sloppy-joe-cups/

Peanut Butter Cookie Bites – recipebyphoto.com/reeses-peanut-butter-cookie-bites/

Mini Lasagnas – recipebyphoto.com/mini-lasagna-cups/

Broccoli Chesse Mini Cakes – recipebyphoto.com/broccoli-cheese-mini-cakes/

Stuffed Pizza Muffins – recipebyphoto.com/stuffed-pizza-muffins/

Spinach Egg Cups – recipebyphoto.com/spinach-egg-cups/

Ham & Swiss Muffins – recipebyphoto.com/stephanies-ham-swiss-muffins/

Sugar Cookie Cups – recipebyphoto.com/sugar-cookie-fruit-cups/

Fiesta Chicken Bites – recipebyphoto.com/julies-fiesta-chicken-bites/

Breakfast Cups – recipebyphoto.com/breakfast-cups/

Mini Cinnamon Monkey Rolls – recipebyphoto.com/mini-cinnamon-monkey-rolls/

Macaroni Prosciutto Bittes – recipebyphoto.com/macaroni-cheese-stuffed-prosciutto-cups/

Spinach Artichoke Bites – recipebyphoto.com/spinach-artichoke-bites/

Cheeseburger Cups – recipebyphoto.com/cheeseburger-cups/


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  1. A Real Housewife In Houston says:

    Thanks so much! I’m going to try some of these soon.


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