Clementine Thyme Margarita by The Recipe Wench

The sweetness of the clementines, the earthy flavor of thyme combine really well with tequila.


Thyme Simple Syrup

1/4 Cup water
1/4 Cup sugar
1/2 Cup thyme sprigs


8 Ounces fresh squeezed clementine juice (orange juice can be substituted, but I recommend clementine!)
4 Ounces tequila
2 Ounces thyme simple syrup (super easy — recipe is included in directions)
kosher salt for rimming glasses

Photo by The Recipe Wench



Stay Fancy! ;)


  1. Fancy Edibles — I’m flattered you found my recipe for Clementine thyme margarita nice enough to post on your site. I see that you have a link back to The Recipe Wench for the full recipe, and I appreciate that! The one issue I would like to resolve is with Pinterest. When I pin the recipe through Fancy Edibles, the pin doesn’t mention The Recipe Wench at all. Will you please update the photo ASAP to credit The Recipe Wench. Thanks!

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