Puppy Dog Cupcake

Pin It “Puppy Dog Cupcake? Very sweet and cute. Inspiration only, but Id use a jellybean for the nose, chocolate chips for his eyes, caramel for his ears, gum for his tongue and a pastry bag to ice this little… Continue Reading

The ice cream truck by Lee Samantha

Pin It The friendly neighbourhood ice cream truck by Lee Samantha Ingredients: 1. Bear – Onigiri (fry soya sauce+ rice) – Cheese (eyes) – Nori – Cherry tomato 2. Ice Cream Truck – Omelette – Meat patty – Cucumber –… Continue Reading

Flavored Ice Cubes

Pin It Serves 6 to 8 Ingredients: blackberry flavored: 1 cup sugar 2 cups water 1 cup blackberries kiwi-strawberry: 2 kiwis, peeled and diced 6 strawberries, cleaned, hulled and diced ¼ cup blueberries 1 ½ cups kiwi-strawberry sparkling water See… Continue Reading

Cucumber Margaritas

Pin It Ingredients: •200g cucumber, chopped, plus 2 slices to serve • 150ml 100% agave tequila • 75ml Cointreau • Juice of 2 lemons • Juice of 2 limes • 75ml sugar syrup • A handful of ice, plus extra… Continue Reading

Berryoska Revolution

Pin It Ingredients: 1 1/2 oz. Russian Standard Vodka 5 strawberries 3 oz. lemonade Garnish: strawberry slices Muddle strawberries in an old-fashioned glass. Add ice, vodka, and lemonade. Garnish with a few strawberry slices. Via: cosmopolitan.com  

La Floradita Havana Daiquiri

Pin It Pin It The pretty pink colors of this cocktail look like summer in a glass. Makes 1 drink Ingredients: 2 ounces rum 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon grapefruit juice juice of 1/2 lime 1 teaspoon maraschino liqueur 1/2… Continue Reading

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cupcake Cake

Pin It “I tinted the icing green. I would ice a couple cupcakes and then add some red food coloring to tint the icing darker, ice a few more, and repeat. That way the cupcakes had the multiple shades of… Continue Reading