Pumpkin-Chocolate-Gingerbread Porridge

Pumpkin-Chocolate-Gingerbread Porridge

Pin It Pumpkin Gingerbread Porridge – Combining the best of autumn and winter Ingredients: 1 cup soy milk or any other plantbased milk 1 cup water 3/4 cup oatmeal 1 cup shredded pumpkin 1 tbsp highly de-oiled cacao powder 1… Continue Reading

Gingerbread Layer Cake

Pin It Gingerbread Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting – a moist and delicious ginger cake with a tangy cream cheese frosting. Yields 6″ 3-layer cake; 10-12 servings Ingredients: Gingerbread Cake: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 tsps baking powder… Continue Reading

Gingerbread Bundt Cake with Whiskey Glaze

Pin It For the gingerbread enthusiast! A moist, intensely spiced gingerbread cake, finished with a whiskey glaze. Make this cake the day before serving. Ingredients: cake: 2 1/4 cup All-Purpose Flour 1/4 cup Cornstarch 1 tsp Baking Soda 2 tsp… Continue Reading

Gingerbread Latte with Salted Caramel Sugar

Gingerbread Latte with Salted Caramel Sugar

Pin It Ingredients: Salted Caramel Sugar 3/4 cup sugar flakey sea salt Gingerbread Latte 2 cups lite or full fat canned coconut milk (OR your favorite milk) 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ginger 2 tablespoons molasses 2 tablespoons pure maple… Continue Reading

Mini Gingerbread House

Pin It This recipe calls for enough dough to make about 3 of these gingerbread houses. This recipe is not exclusively for gingerbread houses, but also cookies! Katie: Katie @ Baking My Way Serves: 3 houses Ingredients: For the gingerbread:… Continue Reading

Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

Pin It Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies are a soft and mild take on the traditional gingerbread cookies recipe. Author: Dine & Dish Recipe type: Dessert Serves: 2 dozen Ingredients: 1 cup butter, softened 1 cup packed brown sugar 2 eggs 3… Continue Reading

Sweet and Salty Gingerbread Pie

Pin It Ingredients: (16 slices) For the crust 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1 cup crushed pretzels 1/2 cup light brown sugar 1/4 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 cup butter, melted For the cookie bar 1/2 cup butter, melted 1 cup… Continue Reading

Gingerbread Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Pin It Fluffy, scrumptious Gingerbread Cupcakes topped with a creamy and tangy Cream Cheese Frosting! Yield: 12 cupcakes Ingredients: For the Gingerbread Cupcakes: 1/2 cup salted butter, room temperature 1/2 cup dark brown sugar 1 egg 1/2 cup milk 1/2… Continue Reading

Gingerbread cookies

Pin It 14 very large cookies Ingredients for cookies: 400g flour 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 2 tbsp homemade gingerbread spice mix 2 tbsp cinnamon 1 tsp ground anise 1 tbsp dark cocoa powder 1/4 tsp salt 100g icing sugar… Continue Reading

25 beautiful gingerbread creations for Christmas

Gingerbread bell for Christmas Pin It Gingerbread candy house for Christmas Pin It Gingerbread candy houses for Christmas Pin It Gingerbread figures for Christmas Pin It Gingerbread house and man for Christmas Pin It Gingerbread house arrangement for Christmas Pin… Continue Reading

25 Christmas creative cupcakes ideas

Abstract tree Christmas creative cupcake Pin It Candles Christmas creative cupcake tree decorations Pin It Christmas creative cupcake decoration Pin It Christmas creative cupcake tree decoration Pin It Christmas creative cupcakes decorations Pin It Christmas creative cupcakes tree decorations Pin… Continue Reading