Poppy Field Wedding Cake

Pin It “One year ago I made grass decorated cake (Sky is the limit – in my pictures) and planned to do a series of similar wedding cakes from then, inspired by different types of flowers like lavender, peony, poppy,… Continue Reading

Dried pineapple flowers

Pin It Pin It Dried pineapple flowers are a unique and eye-catching garnish that can take your cake, cupcakes or even home made decor up a notch. Essentially all you do is slice pineapple very thin and bake slowly at… Continue Reading

Easter Bunny Cake from Tracey Lau

Pin It The flowers, the bunny tush… this cake is a work of art. And the best part is that I’m pretty sure it’s chocolate. There aren’t any instructions for making it, but I’m assuming you could do a regular… Continue Reading

Flower eggs in cookie shapes

Pin It Not only can you make star and flower shaped pancakes and eggs, but use on hamburger, bread and as cookie cutters. Nonstick makes it easy to clean. Streamlined star and scalloped flower shapes make excellent ring patterns for… Continue Reading