ZEBRA cake without baking, without flour!

ZEBRA cake without baking, without flour! Prepare this great dessert quickly and easily

Recipe by Leckere Minute

Zebra cake is a simple and quick step-by-step recipe for homemade cakes without baking. A FABULOUS DESSERT THAT MAKES IMMEDIATELY IN 5 MINUTES!

A delicious dessert for the whole family. Anyone can make a simple dessert recipe. In my video recipe I will show you how to make a ZEBRA cake. The cake is made very quickly and does not take long. After all, you don’t have to bake and roll anything to prepare it.
The cake turns out to be very beautiful on the cut. In the video I will tell you the nuance of how to do it.
The cake alternates between layers of vanilla and chocolate.
It turns out to be delicate with a rich vanilla-chocolate taste, at the same time moderately sweet.

Recipe and ingredients:
180 g shortbread biscuits (chocolate)
70 g butter, melted
1 tablespoon of milk
Shape 18 cm
Put in the fridge for 10 minutes
30 g gelatin
150 ml milk
let stand (it is better to do this in advance, I forgot)))
400 g sour cream at least 20%
300 g of condensed milk
mix well
200 g cream (33-36%)
Beat until frothy
Melt gelatine (do not overheat!)
add a few tablespoons of the sour cream mixture so that the temperature of the gelatin equilibrates
mix everything
divide into 2 equal parts
10-15 g vanilla sugar
30 g cocoa
heat a little (at low power) so that the mass is well liquid
Pour 6 tablespoons of chocolate cream on the base and spread over the entire base
4 tablespoons of white cream in the middle
4 tablespoons of chocolate cream, middle
and so we repeat one by one until the cream is used up
You can make a drawing like me
Place in the refrigerator for at least 4-6 hours

See video
Leckere Minute: youtube


Stay Fancy! ;)

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