No-bake raspberry yogurt mousse cake

Mousse cake with yogurt and raspberry (without baking)

Servings: 8


– For the cookie base:

130 g. of digestive type cookies
60 g. of melted butter

– For the raspberry base:

130 g. of Greek yogurt
4 sheets of gelatin (2 g each)
60 g. of sugar
20 g milk
200 g. of raspberries (strawberries, cherries, peach, mango, etc.)
200 g. of cream mount 35% MG

– For the yogurt base:

270 g. of Greek yogurt
2 leaves of gelatin (2 g each)
30 g. of sugar
125 g. of cream mount 35% MG
20 g milk

– Optional:

Raspberry jelly
Grated chocolate




Stay Fancy! ;)

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