Pin It Ingredients: 1. Dracula – Melted cheese on chicken meat ball (for the face) – Onigiri (for the body) – Nori – Red capsicums (bow tie) 2. Crow – Nori – Cheese 3. Dracula’s coffin – Purple cabbage –… Continue Reading

Jack Skellington marshmallow pops, perfect for Halloween trick or treaters!

Pin It Ingredients: 150g White chocolate or Candy Melts 12 Marshmallows Black food pen Cocktail sticks Lollipop sticks Make sure you dip the lollipop sticks into the melted chocolate before pushing the marshmallow on to them. It helps the marshmallow… Continue Reading

Catwoman for Halloween

Pin It Ingredients: 1. Catwoman – Onigiri – Nori – Cheese Tools: 1. Scissor to cut the nori. 2. Plastic cling wrap to shape the rice. 3. Toothpick to transfer cut out nori. Lee Samantha: website / facebook