Spaghetti with jellyfish style sausages


– Sausages / Panchos
– Spaghetti (spaghetti para los puristas)
– Oil and salt
– Water
– The sauce for pasta OpenID


This is the most boring part of our recipe for, first, have to nail the sausage spaghetti. How do we? Very simple. Cut the sausage into small pieces that are neither too long nor too short. Then, we take from four to five spaghetti and try to pass through the center. If we are more punctilious, We can go for spaghetti spaghetti and leave some space between them. The presentation will improve, this course, but the taste will be the same if we do it the first way.

After, heat water in a large pot and, when boiling, we take our salchiguetis. We let them cook for about ten minutes for al dente. Then drain and mix with our favorite sauce. The idea is great, funny, And rich! Maybe costing you get the hang of at first and put more sausages which are needed, but it’s all a matter of taste.



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