Cook Lip-Smacking Lasagna At Home

Cook Lip-Smacking Lasagna At Home!

My friends and relatives consider me as some sort of a food connaisseur. I love to travel to various places right round the globe, and have this hobby of learning about the cuisines of different nationalities. During last summer, I had been to Dublin, Ireland with my husband, Andy Steven, and our son, Nick. It was one of the best vacations I had ever spent, and we had dined at all the leading restaurants in the city. The well-known Toscana restaurant, in particular, really captured my imagination. We had ordered for beef lasagna, pasta, grilled chicken and tiramisu at Toscana, and had been well and truly bowled over by the delightful tastes of all the food items. I even got in touch with their head chef, Suzie Mitchell, to get an idea about how these dishes are prepared. A lovely restaurant indeed!
An energetic chef that I am, I decided to surprise my family-members and pals, by whipping up a delicious lasagna preparation, as a part of our traditional festive dinner. Here is a description of the recipe that I followed for making the lasagna:

Things I used:

– Fresh sausage (about one pound)
– Ground beef (lean)
– One egg
– Seasoned tomatoes, along with tomato paste/puree
– 10 packets of lasagna noodles
– Fennel seeds and basil leaves (chopped)
– Black pepper, garlic and onion
– Italian cheese (grated)
– Cloves
– Salt
– Water

Once I had made sure that my hubby had bought all these ingredients, I settled down to cook the lasagna (on St Patricks Day). It was an easy enough process, which included:

– Putting the beef, together with the onion, sausage and garlic, in a baking pan. The pan was put to moderate heat, and I stirred its contents until they turned golden brown.
– Next, I added the salt, sugar, fennel, pepper and other seasoning items to the cooked beef. The mixture was constantly heated for about 90-100 minutes. As a late inspiration, I also added some parsley leaves!
– I then cooked the lasagna noodles in a separate utensil. After boiling for around ten minutes, I drained the excess water. I also mixed the cheese and the egg on the side.
– Now comes the part that required maximum care. I spread out the sauces on a lasagna pan (yes, you need to have one!). Then, I laid out the boiled noodles on the sauce. The grated cheese was then added to the noodles, along with the extra lasagna sauce that I had.
– Now, I heated the pan at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit, for about a quarter of an hour. After that, I allowed the preparation to cool for fifteen minutes or so, before tasting it. In case you were wondering… yes, I did manage to bring that ‘yum’ factor to my homemade lasagna!
I delighted my guests (not to mention Arthur and Nick!) with the lasagna that I prepared with care, dedication, and a whole lot of affection. Are you game to try cooking this Italian delicacy at home too?

Andy Steven ( likes specialty dishes of different geographical locations presently residing in Edmonton for the completion of higher degree on tourism management. Various types of Italian and Tuscan dishes are his favorite, he ate from restaurants and then finally try to prepare it at my home. I hope my above mentioned recipes would be less time consuming to prepare as well as healthier. I strongly believe life is a small journey, so lets enjoy it to a fullest. This recipe is solely prepared by Flora steven with sole guidance from his husband Andy Steven by getting inspired from the head chef Suzi Michael from Toscana Restaurant.

The images are solely used with due permission of Dee Butuci owner of Toscana restaurant



Stay Fancy! ;)

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