Wicked-Good Caramel Apples

The easiest no-bake caramel apple recipe perfect for bake sales and holiday gifting!

Author Mary


6 (approx) Jumbo apples, clean and dry – We like Granny Smith best
6 (approx) Cake pop sticks – You’ll need one stick for each caramel apple
1 bag Caramels – Can use wrapped caramels, but be sure to unwrap them first!
1 Tbs. Milk – Add more as needed
Chocolate, melted – For dipping. Use a combo of dark and white chocolate for a great look
Candies for decorating – We like chocolate chips, nuts, candy eyeballs, sprinkles… anything goes!

Recipe Notes

Depending on the size of your apples and how much caramel/chocolate coating you want, the ingredient amounts can really vary for this recipe. Use what you like, and adjust as needed!

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Stay Fancy! ;)

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