Summer waffles 4 ways

There is nothing like waffles for breakfast. Waffles require great toppings and here are summer waffles 4 ways – 4 yummy ways to top your waffles and make them into heavenly breakfast.

– Waffle with cashew cream and blackberries
Cashew cream is amazingly rich and creamy. It’s a perfect combo with zingy blackberries.

– Waffle with peanut butter, apple and goji berries
Classic pb and apple combo. So good on anything – waffle included. Goji berries are an extra colorful and sweet addition.

– Waffle with quick halva spread, peach and walnuts
Quick halva spread is an incredible nutty and sweet spread that will make you a very happy person. Plus the peaches which are so fresh and sweet, and nutty walnuts.

– Waffle with cottage cheese, raspberries and honey
Creamy cottage cheese, sweet and flavorful honey plus vibrant and delicious raspberries. Every bite is a perfect bite.



Stay Fancy! ;)

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