Monster Oreo Pops

“I started out with Double Stuffed Oreos that I took the tops off of. I gently pushed a lollipop stick into the white center.

I used melted chocolate wafers and put a little over the stick to keep it in place and then put the lid back on. I let it dry for about 15 minutes so it could harden.

I dipped the Oreo Pops into the melted chocolate wafers and tapped off the excess. I used three colors to make these Monster Pops. I used a limey green, dark green and orange.

I put the dipped Oreo Pop onto wax paper and added the eyes and Red Hots for the nose on a few of them.

I let them set for a few hours then used red and black writing frosting to make the mouths and eye lashes. These were a huge hit and disappeared quickly at the party.”

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Stay Fancy! ;)

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